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Are you ready to be transformed by the renewing of your mind?

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From : Steven Dossou

My name is Steven Dossou, I'm the founder of Sailforce Catalyst, Co-Founder of Leadership University, Inspirational Speaker and Transformational Coach. Originally, I'm from Togo, A country you have probably visited.

Yet you've probably seen my programs, my videos, my speeches or met someone who was once at my seminars, webinars or watched some of my videos. Not long ago, I was nominated as one of the youngest influential coaches in Africa and I am currently racing to feature among the world's best.

Which is kinda crazy when I think about it considering from where and how far I've come. I'm not even shy to share with you that I grew up in a 2 bedroom house with nine siblings in Togo-West Africa.

At 18, I took it upon myself to relocate to South-Africa in order to search for a better future for myself given the fact that the basic salary in my country was and is still is less than $50USD.

This was a journey of life and death. There were days when I had no shelter, no food, no one to help.

Well, I was broke....

Not only was I broke financially, but I was also broke in confidence, serenity, assertiveness. I remember wearing the same Jean everyday to the point that even my fellows from the church I attended mock and bullied me.

In my search for fulfillment, I worked for some white bosses who were so racist, abused me physically and verbally. It goes without saying that they tore me apart especially within me.

Yet I was able to rise way above by applying the life winning Blueprint in order to free myself from the slavery of my fears, my doubts and my low self-esteem. I was transformed!

Without EVER having a coach, a therapist or a guru.

And in just 5 years, I went from being a guy with low self-esteem, anxiety, stress, confusion, sense of not belonging, abandonment to being who I am today inspiring and transforming the lives of thousands. As a matter of fact, let me share with you some of my successes.

    #1 Best Senior Manager in a world wide company for 24 months

  #1 Author with Best Selling Release

    #1 Youngest African Inspirational Coach.

  • So.... What Is This New Life Transformation Blueprint
    And How Can You Use It To Transform Your Life,
     From Worrier To Warrior
    From Zero To Hero,!?!

    Over the past decade, I've used my life and the life of many clients as numerous tests to figure out the exact self-coaching technics, daily practices and thinking patterns which have an incredible ability to create an ever lasting change that every person can ever dream of.

  • If your goal is to find out exactly what beliefs have been holding you back, this is the program you need 

  • If your goal is to improve your relationship, this is the program you need

  • If your goal is to change a bad habit, this is the program you need  

  • If your goal is to grow in your career, this is the program you need  

  •   If your goal is to go after your wildest dreams, this is the program you need

  • Shortly after I launched this program, a journalist asked me how would I define Transformation?

    Transformation is the change of one's form from one which it was to another which is the direct proportional result of an inner change.

    For me to leave the two bedrooms in a country nobody knows of to rising to a global scale doing exactly what I have been gifted to do, it took me an inner transformation which didn't happen overnight.

    I remember spending nights pacing my 2 square meter shack trying to figure out how to escape my mindset of lack, doubt and low self-esteem which my life had originally subjugated me to.

    Author Nicknamed Action Man reveals....


    For Accessing The Secret To Live Life Free Of Fear; Self-Doubt And Low Self-Esteem

    The First edition went on to sell thousands of copies and helped countless of people just like you to brake completely free from the invisible mind chains holding them back.

    In just less than a year, this book gave the keys and answers to all those who wanted more out of their lives but didn't know how to go about it or where exactly to kick it off from.

    These readers even made my left trouser rock....

    These are people who have received this book, practice the secrets within and saw their lives transformed! Incase you are wondering >>

    From the left to right....

    Helena from Germany, she is a photographer in her early twenties

    Kerslyn from United States, she is a hybrid Engineer in her thirties

    Ancala from Unites States, she is a writer and holistic coach in her late twenties

    Joe from Dubai, he is a network marketer and a body transformational trainer

    And me all the way from Togo-West Africa .....

    And now I want to help you create the life that you have been putting on hold all this time so you can also become an inspiration to the upcoming generation and be an example to those around you.

    When You Get This Life Changing Book For Free... 

    Here Are A Few Of The keys You'll Discover

    Inside of Be Transformed, A 10 Week Journey To Your True Self, I'll be sharing with you 10 week program based on the African self-development philosophies and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

    Here is a sneak peak to what you'll discover inside your free copy of this new book :

    Section #1 : Humanity And The Invisible Force of Motivation

  • Key #1 : Being Human means asking yourself one day or the other the three burning questions every single human has ever asked themselves who am I, where am I from , where am I going?

  • Key #2 : What is a man to society? how do you unconsciously shape your perceptions based on your circumstances and what is the difference between how you view yourself based on others opinions and the influence you have within your society.


  • Key #3 : How failure can be used as a boosting force rather than a neutralizing force. The reasons why we fail to do what we really want to do and we make a way to make any excuses to justify our position of weakness.

  • Key #4 : The Ablafo zone. is the zone where we feel invincible. Do you remember that time when you felt like not even your worst fears could win over you? This is where you get to learn about the three toughest demons of Mankind , Fear, Self-doubt and Low Self-esteem.

  • Key #5 : How are beliefs shaped within our minds and how they affect our entire life from childhood to adulthood. The decisions we make, the food we choose to eat, the friends we choose to have, the careers we choose, they are all shaped by our beliefs. How are they formed and how can we change the disempowering beliefs by the life changing ones.

  • Key #6 : What is Transformation? What are the principles which govern an absolute transformation process. When is Transformation required in the life of a person and how often can one transform? The exact processes and techniques behind the renewing of one's thinking.

  • Key #7 : The 10 week journey to access the powers within. Why is imperative to follow this path and respect it to the T. How did I come about the 10 week journey and why you should absolutely embark yourself on this journey.

  • Section # 2 : The Step By Step Blue Print To Creating Ever Lasting Changes In Your Life

  • Week #1 : " What lies beneath the surface " is the first week of this program which includes the use of NLP questioning technics to find and search the limiting beliefs burried deep within. The ones which control you but you have no control of. 

  • Week #2 : " On top with Confidence " once the neutralizing beliefs have come to light, it feels to the coachee as if a huge weight has been taken off his shoulder hence the layer of confidence. It is to be maintained and polished.

  • Week #3 : " Receive and accept the process" Often enough the confidence layer in week 2 gets tested as the beliefs come back stronger than before. Understand the psychological mechanism and how to keep your self self by accepting the change process.

  • Week #4 : " Let's revise the process" in this week we go through the entire process again from week 1 to week 3. Explore the emotions, the struggles, celebrate the victories numerous times.

  • Week #5 : " Create a series of patents and events to obtain equilibrium. " The primary purpose of the program is to find equilibrium and grow from it. This week will consist in searching for those little moments and actions that make you feel great and anchoring them to your daily routines.

  • Week #6 : " The skin has pilled half way " In this week, you'll get to experience the cumulative effect of the work you have done from week 1. In this week it is important to stay alert and to self test the demons which have been holding you back. Test and act on the feedback your mind gives you.

  • Week # 7: " Strategy Week " Now that you have been experiencing the transformation, it is essential to channel in the right direction hence you get to learn or revise the art of strategizing, goal setting and extra motivation

  • Week # 8 : " Who am I" This is a week of confirmation. After 7 weeks of work, you've got to define clearly you are, spend time to write it , think about, meditate it and cogitate about the journey. If you can define clearly an answer to this question and you find yourself satisfied and happy with it. Your Job is done! If not move to next week.

  • Week # 9 : " You can't see yourself in the frame " what does your relationships look like ? sound like? Now it is time to pay attention to those outside as our mirrors are nothing more but the people outside us. The reflection of our inner is our outer and the outer is usually the reflection of our inner which is how we think, feel about ourselves.

  • Week # 10 : " Let your loved ones ones in " This week is rather optional. But it is great to have. During this week, you pick the person you are closed to the most and let them evaluate you on your transformation. Not a friend that will rub your back for nothing but friends who will tell you the plain truth.

  • Well, You've Seen For Yourself...

    Do not Conform to the things of this world but Be Transformed by the Renewing of your mind. Romans 12.2

    That's is the foundation I live by and I have transferred will my knowledge, energy and passion into this book, Furthermore the process you need to rise above and far away from your Fears, Self-doubts and Low self-esteem.

    And these people have done that. Are you Next?

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    There's NO hidden "monthly program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

    Well, there are actually a few reasons...

    1: It's my way of saying thank you for supporting my journey from close of from afar.

    2: Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make money teaching others how to make money online or make you spend for coaching services with no results. I run a digital marketing agency, I co-run Leadership University.. so because of that it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

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    Steven Dossou

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